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Our Menu of Delicious Provence Experiences



Very quickly after I launched my company Provence Post Travel---arranging amazing vacations in Provence for couples, families and groups of all sizes--I learned how much my clients love activities that get them up close and personal with real life in Provence….the special experiences I arrange for them with artists, farmers, winemakers, bread bakers, chefs, guides and more. Travelers these days definitely want to meet interesting locals who love to share their passions. 

For example? At our local goat farm, clients love seeing the animals and then tasting the fresh goat cheeses with the farmer who just made them. They love biking with a charming chef who provides a gourmet picnic along the way. They've loved meeting artisan food-makers in Aix and walking in Roman footsteps with an American blogger in Arles. They’ve experienced vineyard barbecues with winemakers and olive oil-tastings with the young woman who tends hundreds of her family's trees and presses award-winning oils. I’ve sent clients out wine tasting with a charming bake croissants and make nougat at a traditional boulangerie…to slice and dice with top comparison-taste homemade honey with a third-generation beekeeper…to ride gorgeous horses on a windswept Camargue beach...the list goes on and on. I’ve sent private chefs to prepare special dinners in scores of rental villas…and sent kids to sculpting class with my favorite local potter. This week some clients sipped chilled Pastis in the sunshine while learning to play boules on the village pitch. Loved it! 

So now that I know what how popular these activities are, I’ve created this Menu of Delicious Provence Experiences: wonderful activities of all types that you can book and enjoy during your stay in Provence. In some cases you'll book directly; in others, you'll book through me. To secure your reservation, a deposit will be Pay Pal or, coming soon, credit card. I'll be adding more new experiences in the months to come so check back often. In the meantime, see all our offers HERE.

What to Do in Provence?

   Delicious Experiences


Eat, drink, cook, bake, hike, bike, walk, talk, sniff, savor, soar, explore or shop til you drop....



I've been a full-time resident in Provence since 1999 and a full-time travel planner here since 2011. I've explored just about every corner of this gorgeous region...visiting the tiniest villages and the large, well-known cities...learning more about French history and culture at every turn...having remarkable experiences. And here's where I share that with you. Time and again, travelers tell me they want to taste real life in meet interesting locals who love to share their experience the insider, the authentic, the behind the do rather than just to see. So I've asked my favorite artists, farmers, winemakers, bread bakers, chefs, guides, photographers, antique experts and more to help me create these Delicious Experiences. Some are as short as 90 minutes; others take a full day. I've got ideas for families, kids, couples, solo travelers, large groups and more. I've done all the research and found the perfect people to welcome you. Then I packaged each activity with clear info on when it's available, what it costs and how long it takes. Et voila!


To see all the Experiences, hover your cursor over the tab above, peruse the drop-down menus, pick what's most inviting and shoot me an email: You can also see all the Experiences here:


 City, History, General and Theme Tours


 Food, Chefs, Cooking and Baking 

 Wine Tasting, Wine Tours and More

 Foodies on the Loose


 Art, Photography Design, Decor and Language


 Sports, Massage, Yoga, Biking, Hiking, Flying, Boating & Nature


 Packages and Group Trips


If you have questions, we can jump on the phone to discuss. Whenever possible, we're happy to customize any of these activities for you...and to help you put them together for a perfectly delicious vacation!

Please note that prices are set by the wonderful people who provide these experiences for our clients. We do our very best to keep them current but it's possible they've changed slightly since our last update. Also, please note that in some cases a small booking fee of 25€ may be required to fulfill your request, depending on how complex it is. 

I can't wait to share my favorite Provence people and experiences with you! -- Julie Mautner (




Visit artisan producers making foods--like fresh goat cheese--in traditional ways...with lots and lots of tasting!




We offer a wide range of fabulous tours up and down the coast.





Take our popular two-hour class...which includes a bag of goodies to take home.


Half-day, full-day and multi-day wine tours and tasting in Chateauneuf du Papes, Gigondas, Vacqueyras and other top wine regions.



Hiking, biking, electric biking, ballooning, boating, truffle hunting, olive picking, grape stomping, garden tours, photographing the white horses of the Camargue and more. 



Learn from some of the top chefs in Provence. We offer private and group classes all over the region. Add-ons include market tours and more. 






Painting workshops for all levels, sculpture classes for kids and adults, Photography Tours, Artist Studio Tours...



Explore the gorgeous cliffs and coves of the Calanques, with swimming and snorkeling, on a private 2, 3 or 4-hour cruise. Or, share a boat with other travelers.





Learn to play this popular Provencale ball game on a pitch in St. Remy, with wine and lots of laughs included. 



Discover unspoiled villages with expert guides.






The Luberon, Arles, Avignon, The Pont du Gard, St. Remy, Aix en Provence, Marseille, Wine Country...Art & Artisans, Lavender, Roman History, Jewish History and much more.



Using traditional or electric bikes, our guide plans the perfect route--for a couple hours or a full day--with fantastic stops along the way.


Calisson photo (top right) courtesy of Jill Cowdry at and

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