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What We Offer and How We Charge

Men playing boules (petanque) on the town square.

We're often asked if we can help people plan their trips in Provence and on the Côte d'Azur.


The answer is...with pleasure!


Here are some of the services that we provide:


* After an email or phone chat about your travel hopes, dreams and fears, we can provide a detailed but flexible itinerary for you, your family, your group or your clients. We call this a Trip Planner and it's a series of suggested days out, based on your interests and energy level and location. Each day out contains my best suggestions and ideas for what to do in that particular city or one day.


* Hotel suggestions or villa rental options based on your preferences and budget.


* Detailed information on hotel room categories, pricing and availability for your dates. I'm also happy to help with the booking itself. 


* Restaurant suggestions for the cities and villages you'll be visiting. Plus, help with restaurant booking as needed, during your time in Provence.

* Airport and train station pick up and drop off...along with all other types of transportation such as village-to-village transport...and restaurant drop off and pick up in the evening.


* Meet and greet upon arrival. We'll get together over a coffee or a drink, spread out the maps, discuss your plans and answer any outstanding questions.


* Discussion and booking of activities. For example, food glorious food! Many of my clients want to experience the sun-drenched ingredients and cuisine for which Provence is known...but don't know where to begin. I offer guided food tours, during which you can see many artisan products being made, talk with the producers and of course, taste. Your tour might include visits to chocolatiers, honey makers, a confiture studio, outdoor markets, olive mills, wineries, a truffle plantation, a goat farm, garden visits, a cooking or baking class or a picnic. We offer food tours of any length: a couple hours, a day, a weekend or more. Other popular activities wine tours, horseback and pony rides, sketching and painting workshops, lavender tours, kayak trips, antiquing days. walking tours in the larger cities, car tours throughout the region, Van Gogh tours, Roman history tours, a boules/petanque lesson and game with a local...the list goes on and on.  You'll see an up to date menu by clicking the EXPERIENCES tab above...or go to


* Help as needed while you're in Provence. By this I mean: if you have questions, problems, etc., you call, email or text me...and I help. I've been told by my clients that this information has been priceless. What sort of questions might you have? 


-We need a private chef. Who do you recommend?


-We'd love someone to prepare and drop off a meal at our villa. Is it possible?


-Which village has the best market tomorrow?


-Where should we park in Isle sur la Sorgue?


-How much is lunch at the Bistro du Paradou?


-What are the best vineyards to visit in Châteauneuf and Gigondas?


-Where can we take a cooking class?


-Where can we visit a goat farm and taste goat cheese?


-Can we tour an olive oil mill?


-Is Marseille dangerous?


-Can we take a boat ride somewhere?


-Is it worth it to pay a wine guide for the day?


-Where can we see the best lavender?


-Where can we rent electric bikes?


-Where can we get a massage or a yoga instructor?


-Are there any Michelin three-star restaurants around?


-Where's the best place to change money?


Speaking of money...


Here's How We Charge


After an initial phone or email conversation, I'll quote you a fee based on your needs. Activity booking is often free or available for a simple 25€ charge. Trip planning prices depend on the number of people in your group, the length of the stay, the complexity of the trip and how much time we have until you travel. 


Still have questions or are you ready to get started? We'd love to hear from you ( and hope to see you in Provence soon!


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